To the next level.


Our drive is the boundless passion for the SLR and the aspiration to provide a home base for our members and the generation to come.

To maintain and develop further our global and exclusive network of SLR owners sharing passion, experiences, knowledge about the SLR and creating friendships.


The SLR.CLUB is based on the most exclusive production vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

The SLR has one goal – to transfer F1 technology onto public roads with one model range, 5 variants and 2,157 vehicles. The most successful supercar project and your entry card into one of the most exclusive owner clubs.


A global network of entrepreneurs, decision makers, opinion leaders, gentlemen drivers and connoisseurs. All joined by the passion of the SLR – turn owners into fans and fans into SLR ambassadors.


The SLR.CLUB bundles profound knowledge about the product, especially in the technical sense. The club possesses the archive and history since the start of the production process in 2004. The SLR.CLUB can advise and mediate in buying and selling within the community.


The SLR.CLUB cares for the worldwide network of owners, offering a unique networking platform. Furthermore, it maintains excellent contact with Mercedes-Benz and its board and ensures SLR topics, especially service and spare parts, are being addressed and looked after by Mercedes-Benz.



With a rich history in and experience of SLR driving, touring and lifestyle events, the Club offers and shares its knowledge with all members. It also organises exclusive driving events, meetings and activities for the SLR.CLUB community.


The SLR.CLUB makes its network, knowledge and collaborations available to each member, whether these are routes, hotels, restaurants, workshops, SLR friends, etc. Each member becomes an SLR ambassador.


Member benefits

What you can expect from your SLR.CLUB:

Join our worldwide network of SLR enthusiasts. Be part of exclusive SLR events and meetings.
We support you in your search for sought-after SLR spare parts and are in touch with Mercedes-Benz for you.
Get access to the knowledge and know-how of the SLR.CLUB technical and service experts, including maintenance and care instructions to ensure value-preserving measures.

As an SLR.CLUB member you are entitled to a 10% discount on all spare parts (currently only applicable to the German market). We support you with the rating or history of your SLR and with SLR specific topics, e.g. collection, insurance, etc.

Get access to our SLR archive of pictures, magazines, catalogues, brochures (instruction manuals / workshop manuals) and individual routes.

The SLR.CLUB Office will be
delighted to hear from you!

The SLR.CLUB Office will be delighted to hear from you at any time and can be contacted via e-mail at


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You too can make a contribution, so that the SLR. CLUB becomes even more attractive, continue to grow and open up. 


Only SLR owners can apply to become member of the SLR.CLUB.

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