How it
all began …

What happens when people who have a burning passion for one and the same thing meet up? When they recognise the telltale glint in each other’s eye, without even having to speak and no matter which part of the world they hail from? And when this fascination stirs the emotions of automobile enthusiasts like no other?

Nothing unites people more than passion. And it is precisely this spirit that forms the lifeblood of one of the most exclusive clubs: the SLR.CLUB.

If we trace back through history, the fascination for the SLR has its roots in the 1950s. Although the famous Uhlenhaut Coupé – the prototype named after its brilliant designer Rudolf Uhlenhaut – never went into series production, the fascination surrounding it lived on in people’s hearts. It was precisely this legendary car that then formed the basis for the development of the modern-day super sports car: the SLR.

It was produced for a small, choice community of aficionados, who closely followed the development of ‘their’ super sports car from the very beginning.

A blind date.

The year is 2002. The venue is the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. Way ahead of the official world premiere at the International Motor Show and at a time when the Vision SLR was still the talk of super sports car circles, the fans and carte blanche buyers of the SLR came together for a sort of ‘blind date’.

The subsequent encounter at the test track in Idiada, Spain did not take place until a good year later. Here, under the guidance of professionals in motor sport, the die-hard following enjoyed the exclusive privilege of a hands-on experience with prototypes of their vehicle out on the track for the very first time. The countdown to the world premiere had started.

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Code word SLR.CLUB.

Since being established on 8 July 2006 in Le Castellet, the SLR.CLUB has based its existence on the support and passion for the world’s most beautiful common cause: the SLR. Every owner of an SLR became a member of the SLR.CLUB, a small, choice, exclusive circle of gentlemen drivers. And each and every member actively shared their own personality, ideas, suggestions and ambitions, and so the SLR.CLUB became a unique and close worldwide network.

From the very beginning, Mercedes-Benz actively involved customers in the development of the super sports car – an approach that continued to be adopted consistently. Customers of the SLR Stirling Moss, for example, had the opportunity to actively contribute to various aspects of the vehicle’s development, from the clay model stage right through to the first test drives in the prototype.

Consequently, from 2009 Mercedes-Benz asked members to shape the culture of their SLR.CLUB. For the next 8 years, Michael Egger, Clemens van den Berg, Fritz Steinman, Andreas Prahl and Aloyse Wagner – all Club members and passionate SLR drivers – took the club to the next level.

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Since its inaugural meeting on 10 September 2017, the SLR.CLUB has been handed over to the SLR owners and became an official brand club. With the commitment of the Mercedes-Benz board the SLR.CLUB will remain an exceptional circle and can rely on their future support. Hence the SLR.CLUB will remain a strong community with a long-term future, dedicated to our outstanding car that’s destined to become as big a legend as its predecessor.

In the meantime, you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to enhance the SLR.CLUB with some unique experiences in the future too, including new touring routes, new driving experiences, new lifestyle events and new associations with some very promising partners.

Because we are all agreed on one thing: the legend of the SLR lives on.

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SLR.CLUB offerings.

SLR.CLUB.Life: exceptional events in exceptional locations.

SLR.CLUB.Academy: technical know-how and expertise are being concentrated in the SLR.CLUB.

SLR.CLUB.Touring: discover some of the world’s most scenic routes in the SLR together with other Club members.

SLR.CLUB.Communication: all the latest news, events and brochures are being published via

SLR.CLUB.Office: get in touch with your very own SLR.CLUB Office for any queries around the SLR or SLR.CLUB activities. 

As the SLR enthusiasts’ very own community, the SLR.CLUB owes its existence above all to passion for automotive perfection and the excitement surrounding the Silver Arrow of the 21st century. But these aren’t the only things that make the select circle so special: exclusive services and thrilling events and offers, together with the fact that the members’ wishes are taken into account at every turn, characterise the philosophy of the SLR.CLUB.

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A veritable potpourri of possibilities.

We are there for you! The exclusive SLR.CLUB. Services can be summarised in this promising phrase. And every single SLR owner involved in the Club knows that it’s about so much more than the unforgettable events where the project team is totally committed to taking care of individual requirements.

Unique experiences.

Anyone who has ever taken part in any of the out-of-the-ordinary events – whether it be the incomparable Mille Miglia, an SLR.CLUB Touring journey or a thrilling SLR. CLUB Weekend – values the inimitable Club atmosphere and the superb way in which they are looked after by the SLR team.

Since the SLR.CLUB was founded, the range of experiences it has to offer has been systematically widened so as to provide the perfect complement for the passion SLR owners have for their vehicles. To date these memorable times have included peerless driving pleasure in Europe at our exciting rally events.

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Friendly assistance every step of the way.

Our customer care knows no bounds where all aspects of the SLR events are concerned. We can make flight and hotel bookings for you quickly and efficiently, recommend restaurants and arrange tailor-made programmes on the event fringes, such as sightseeing and excursion rallies.

It goes without saying that providing support for the transportation of vehicles – from the gathering of quotations to the actual organisational work – is part and parcel of the exclusive range of packages provided by the SLR.CLUB Office, as are ancillary services like correspondence, the organisation of the registration process, plus assistance before, during and after the events.

Technical care of your SLR by renowned experts is surely part of the benefits enjoyed by SLR owners.

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